Welcome To mid city’s newest brewery

our location is currently under construction, so we are not open yet.


Artfully Crafted. Locally Made. community built.


9 years ago, Justin Meyers and Caleb Schlamp met each other working for Target, and as they became friends, they discovered that they shared a love for craft beer. When the Schlamps bought their house in the same subdivision as the Meyers, they decided to start home brewing together in the Schlamps’ garage. After two years of fine tuning their home brewing skills, they entered in some local home beer competitions and won first place for most of their entries. This sparked the idea of opening their very own brewery, and with their wives’ support, Cypress Coast Brewing Co came to fruition. Our passion for craft beer, our community and our local culture has contributed to the beers we brew and the space we’ve put together to share with everyone.